Apartment FAQ Page

Why are my fans/dryer fans clogged?

Your ventilation system can be clogged due to increase of dust and debris. You should clean and dust your vents every 6 months to keep it in good condition

Can I rent out my parking space?

If you have an extra parking space you want to rent, you are open to post it on your building with approval of the building manager.

Why is my house so cold in the winter?

As the winter season here can be very cold, it is normal for the outside climate to affect the temperature in your home. Be advised to keep the thermostat on during these times- this will also prevent pipes to freeze in the winter.

I see issues in the common area, what should I do?

Contact the building manager, if you see any criminal activity contact 911 immediately.

I lost my keys and fob what do I do?

Contact the property manager to arrange a replacement key and fob